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James was born in Leeds, West Yorkshire, and raised in Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire, with his eight brothers and sisters in the shadow of London's Stansted airport. His father was a stockbroker and his mother was a teacher. He was educated at Newport Free Grammar School. He earned his degree in Drama and Film at the University of East Anglia, and went on to study acting at London's prestigious Central School of Speech and Drama. He worked a variety of jobs in social work, factories, and the service industry, before traveling throughout India. While studying in London, Frain was spotted by Sir Richard Attenborough, who immediately cast him in his first feature, Shadowlands (1993), opposite Sir Anthony Hopkins and Debra Winger. With theater credits for The Royal Shakespeare Company and Royal Court, as well as, in the West End in a range of classical and modern plays, Frain's reputation quickly spread to television and film, where he won leading roles in the Oscar nominated features, Elizabeth (1998) with Cate Blanchett, and Hilary and Jackie (1998) with Rachel Griffiths. James reunited on screen with Sir Anthony Hopkins in Fox Searchlight's film, Titus (1999). In 2007, he appeared with Ian McShane on Broadway in "The Homecoming" - for which the cast won The Drama Critics Circle Award for Best Ensemble. In the U.S., Frain played leading roles in The Count of Monte Cristo (2002) with Jim Caviezel and Guy Pearce, Where the Heart Is (2000) opposite Natalie Portman, Deception (2000) with Ben Affleck and Charlize Theron, and Into the Blue (2005) with Paul Walker. Since moving to the States, Frain has continued to work on both sides of the Atlantic, maintaining his profile in the European independent film scene while working on popular American television series, such as "Californication" (2007), "FlashForward" (2009), "24" (2001), "Grey's Anatomy" (2005), "In Plain Sight" (2008), "The Closer" (2005), "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" (2001) and "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" (2000), among others. James is probably best-known for his performance as "Thomas Cromwell" over three seasons of Showtime's critically-acclaimed series, "The Tudors" (2007). He appeared opposite Kate Beckinsale, Drew Barrymore, Sam Rockwell and Robert De Niro in Everybody's Fine (2009). He had a major arc on HBO's hit series, "True Blood" (2008), playing "Franklin Mott"; "a tall, dark, and sexy vampire". He was last seen in Disney's TRON: Legacy (2010), opposite Jeff Bridges, released in December 2010. - Informacion recompilada por

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Fecha de Nacimiento:
Mar 14, 1968 En Leeds, England, UK
Actuaciones conocidas:
Primera actuacion en:
series Historias de la cripta 1989-06-10
Última actuacion en:
Película Online Headlock 2018-12-31
Actuaciones destacadas de James Frain
James Frain actuacion en Sleepy Hollow
James Frain actuacion en True Blood (Sangre Fresca)
James Frain actuacion en Anatomía de Grey
James Frain actuacion en Sunshine

Filmografia completa - James Frain
Tipo Titulo Personaje Estreno
Película Online Headlock - James Frain Dr. A 2018-12-31
Serie Online Star Trek: Discovery - James Frain Sarek 2017-09-24
Película Online The Architect - James Frain Miles Moss 2016-05-20
Serie Online Gotham - James Frain Theo Galavan 2014-09-22
Serie Online Unknown - James Frain Richard Shepherd 2014-08-23
Película Online Born Of War - James Frain Simon 2013-12-05
Serie Online The Tunnel - James Frain Kieran Ashton / John Sumner 2013-10-16
Serie Online Sleepy Hollow - James Frain Rutledge 2013-09-16
Película Online El llanero solitario - James Frain Barret 2013-07-03
Serie Online The White Queen - James Frain Richard Neville 2013-06-16
Película Online Event 15 - James Frain Andrews 2013-03-05
Película Online Bert & Dickie - James Frain Jack Beresford 2012-07-25
Película Online Transit - James Frain Marek 2012-01-02
Serie Online The Cape - James Frain Peter Fleming 2011-01-09
Serie Online Grimm - James Frain Unknown 2011-10-28
Película Online TRON: Legacy - James Frain Jarvis 2010-12-10
Serie Online Miami Medical - James Frain Unknown 2010-04-02
Película Online Crusades (Dark Relic) - James Frain Sir Gregory 2010-03-27
Película Online Todos están bien - James Frain Tom 2009-12-04
Serie Online FlashForward - James Frain Unknown 2009-09-24
Serie Online Miénteme - James Frain Unknown 2009-01-21
Serie Online Fringe (Al límite) - James Frain Unknown 2008-09-09
Serie Online True Blood (Sangre Fresca) - James Frain Franklin Mott 2008-09-07
Película Online Quid pro quo - James Frain Father Dave 2008-06-13
Serie Online Los Tudor - James Frain Thomas Cromwell 2007-04-01
Película Online The Front Line - James Frain Eddie Gilroy 2006-07-16
Serie Online Numb3rs - James Frain Unknown 2006-03-05
Serie Online Anatomía de Grey - James Frain Unknown 2005-03-27
Serie Online Imperio - James Frain Brutus 2005-06-28
Serie Online Threshold - James Frain Unknown 2005-09-16
Serie Online Invasión - James Frain Unknown 2005-09-19
Película Online Inmersión letal - James Frain Reyes 2005-09-30
Serie Online Spartacus - James Frain David 2004-04-18
Película Online Spartacus - James Frain David 2004-03-17
Película Online The Project - James Frain Harvey 2002-11-10
Película Online La venganza del conde de Montecristo - James Frain J.F. Villefort 2002-01-23
Serie Online Ley y orden: Acción criminal - James Frain Unknown 2001-09-30
Serie Online CSI: Las Vegas - James Frain Unknown 2000-10-06
Serie Online Las mil y una noches - James Frain Schahzenan / Harun al-Rashid 2000-04-30
Película Online La fuerza del amor - James Frain Forney Hull 2000-04-27
Película Online El hombre que hacía milagros - James Frain Thomas 2000-03-31
Película Online Operación Reno - James Frain Nick Cassidy 2000-02-25
Serie Online The Vice - James Frain Unknown 1999-01-04
Película Online Sunshine - James Frain Gustave Sonnenschein 1999-09-13
Película Online Titus - James Frain Bassianus 1999-12-25
Película Online Hilary y Jackie - James Frain Daniel Barenboim 1998-12-30
Película Online Vigo - James Frain 1998-09-14
Película Online Elizabeth - James Frain Alvaro de la Quadra 1998-09-13
Película Online What Rats Won't Do - James Frain Jack 1998-07-01
Película Online Macbeth on the Estate - James Frain Macbeth 1997-01-01
Película Online Red Meat - James Frain Victor 1997-01-04
Película Online Robinson Crusoe - James Frain Robert 1997-06-11
Película Online The Mill on the Floss - James Frain Philip Wakem 1997-10-12
Película Online Nothing Personal - James Frain Kenny 1996-10-18
Película Online Lago Ness - James Frain Adrian Foote 1996-08-23
Película Online Rasputin - James Frain Prince Felix Yusupov 1996-03-23
Película Online Una insólita aventura - James Frain John Harbour 1995-07-21
Película Online Tierras de penumbra - James Frain Peter Whistler 1993-12-25
Serie Online Unknown - James Frain Unknown 1991-04-07
Serie Online Historias de la cripta - James Frain Unknown 1989-06-10

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