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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Terry Serpico is a film and television supporting actor. Although he studied acting in college, graduating from SUNY-Purchase in 1989, Serpico began his career as a stunt performer. Pretty soon, his chances expanded as directors realized he also could act. In 1997, he appeared in Donnie Brasco, where he played his first major acting role. Since then, his credits have included appearances in ambitious vehicles such as The Peacemaker, Random Hearts, Bringing Out the Dead, Hannibal, Righteous Kill, The Interpreter, and two of the biggest blockbuster films of the past few years: the Academy Award winner The Departed and the Academy Award–nominated Michael Clayton. In television, Serpico has guest-starred on such shows as Law & Order, CSI: Miami, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, The Bronx is Burning, and has enjoyed a recurring role in Rescue Me. On the Lifetime series Army Wives, Serpico portrays Lieutenant Colonel Frank Sherwood, a tough officer married to Denise Sherwood (Catherine Bell) with a son, Jeremy (Richard Bryant), who has recently enlisted. A featured character on the show, Serpico appeared in 12 episodes of the first two seasons, and became a series regular in season 3. An Army brat himself who lived on five different bases as a child, Serpico says of the Frank Sherwood role: "I didn’t really have to work so hard to prepare for [this role] because it is a part of me; it’s in my blood." - Informacion recompilada por

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Fecha de Nacimiento:
Actuaciones conocidas:
Primera actuacion en:
movie Cyber Vengeance 1995-01-01
Última actuacion en:
Ver-Serie-TV Star Trek: Discovery 2017-09-24
Actuaciones destacadas de Terry Serpico
Terry Serpico actuacion en El cuerpo del delito
Terry Serpico actuacion en Army Wives
Terry Serpico actuacion en Ley y orden: Unidad de víctimas especiales
Terry Serpico actuacion en Oz

Filmografia completa - Terry Serpico
Tipo Titulo Personaje Estreno
Serie Online Star Trek: Discovery - Terry Serpico Admiral Anderson 2017-09-24
Película Online Election: La noche de las bestias - Terry Serpico Earl Danzinger 2016-06-29
Película Online La quinta ola - Terry Serpico Hutchfield 2016-01-14
Película Online Al borde del abismo - Terry Serpico Lutz 2012-01-13
Película Online Montauk - Terry Serpico Jim 2011-09-21
Serie Online El cuerpo del delito - Terry Serpico Unknown 2011-03-29
Serie Online Blue Bloods (Familia de policías) - Terry Serpico Major Harrison 2010-09-24
Película Online The New Twenty - Terry Serpico Louie Kennick 2009-01-01
Película Online Asesinato justo - Terry Serpico Jon Van Luytens 2008-09-11
Serie Online Army Wives - Terry Serpico Frank Sherwood 2007-06-03
Película Online Infiltrados - Terry Serpico Detective #3 Tailing Queenan 2006-10-05
Película Online La intérprete - Terry Serpico FBI Agent Lewis 2005-04-08
Película Online Company K - Terry Serpico Sgt. James Dunning 2004-04-22
Serie Online CSI: Miami - Terry Serpico Unknown 2002-09-23
Serie Online Ley y orden: Acción criminal - Terry Serpico Unknown 2001-09-30
Película Online Laguna - Terry Serpico Terenzio Aprea 2001-04-15
Película Online Hannibal - Terry Serpico Officer Bolton 2001-02-08
Película Online Homicide: The Movie - Terry Serpico Karl Miller 2000-02-13
Serie Online Ley y orden: Unidad de víctimas especiales - Terry Serpico Unknown 1999-09-20
Serie Online Oz - Terry Serpico Unknown 1997-07-12
Película Online Cyber Vengeance - Terry Serpico Montgomery Valentine 1995-01-01

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